Ariana is a founder member of the Gold Miners Association of Turkey and a subscriber to E3, the Environmental Excellence in Exploration project.

"The Gold Miners Association seeks to support the exploration and evaluation of mineral deposits in Turkey by demonstrating the careful adherence of the sector to state imposed regulations via the acquisition of relevant government permissions and permits and by the sensitive and precise application of national and international environmental best-practice"

Turkish Gold Miner's Association.

"E3 seeks to support environmental stewardship in the exploration stage of global mineral development by encouraging the implementation of sound environmental management practices by the exploration community, its contractors and subcontractors, and by promoting the awareness of all stakeholders"

E3 Plus.

Ariana is sensitive to the environment in which we work and has established well-defined operating guidelines to ensure that certain environmental standards are met by our exploration teams.

Apart from ensuring that our teams do not leave waste in the field, we have a strict no-smoking policy when our work is located in areas of forestry. Our teams are instructed to keep their working areas clean of waste, which includes waste disposed of by others within our work area.

We are also particularly sensitive when working in areas of forest and try to ensure minimal damage to trees. In certain places forested areas must be cleared of trees, but we achieve this through the Environment and Forestry Department and pay the department compensation for the trees felled. This compensation is used by the department to help plant new trees elsewhere.

When working in operational licences the Company requires the following environmental permits:

  • An Environmental Impact Assessment document ratified by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.
  • Forestry Permits for areas in which drilling or other disruptive work is to occur within forested regions.
  • Agricultural Permits for areas in which drilling or other disruptive work is to occur within cultivated regions.
  • A valid Health and Safety certificate.