Corporate Governance


Ariana considers that its primary responsibilities are to its stakeholders: its shareholders and employees, and the communities and environment in which it operates. More specifically, Ariana adheres to sound corporate governance policies and aims to communicate transparently and effectively with its stakeholders.  

The Ariana Board of Directors aims to conform to statutory responsibilities and industry good practice in relation to corporate governance of Ariana and its subsidiaries. The Board has adopted the latest version of the QCA Corporate Governance Code (2018) (“QCA Code”) and strives to follow the 10 principles outlined within it to the fullest extent possible taking into consideration the stage of development of the Company. It also seeks guidance from its advisers on recommended best corporate governance practice for AIM companies. To learn more, go to Corporate Governance in the AIM rule section of this website. 

Ariana also:

  • Maintains a high standard of technical best-practice in its exploration and development activities and adheres to international standards where applicable.
  • Embraces a socially responsible and beneficial approach to health and safety, the environment and community support in its areas of operation.
  • Recognises the importance of its employees and the need to attract and continue to challenge its exceptionally talented people.
  • Is committed to best-practice in socially responsible exploration and in the development of mineral resources, to the benefit of the local communities, wherever they may occur.

Ariana attaches great importance to the communities within which we work. We are grateful for their support and involvement in our exploration and development activities. Where beneficial, Ariana has a policy to enhance communities through certain schemes.

Examples of these schemes include:

  • Hire and training of workers from local village communities to support our exploration programmes.
  • Rental of machinery from local communities to support our drilling and other exploration programmes.
  • Landowners are fairly compensated for disruption to their land and all disrupted sites are suitably rehabilitated after our work programmes have been completed.
  • Certain excess materials from our exploration programmes are donated to local villages as a part of our community support effort.

Prior to the commencement of any major programme of work, we consult extensively with local people. We keep them informed of our activities at every stage, to ensure awareness of our progress. Official establishments, such as the Offices of Local Government and the Mayoral Office, Gendarmerie, Fire and Forestry departments are consulted on key aspects of our work programmes before they are initiated.