About Us


Ariana Resources plc is an AIM-listed gold-silver exploration and development company with operations in Turkey. It has a proven strategy of identifying and developing mineral resources and advancing them to production through joint ventures.

Commercial gold-silver production commenced in July 2017 at our Kiziltepe Mine which forms part of the Company’s wider Red Rabbit Gold Project in joint venture with Proccea Construction Co. There is significant opportunity for further resource and production expansion within this joint venture.

Our strategy will expand our portfolio of projects by utilising current cash-flow to identify new gold deposits and develop profitable mines. The Company is currently exploring and developing the 1 million ounce Salinbas Gold Project in north-eastern Turkey which demonstrates substantial exploration upside. The project is located within the highly-prospective Hot Gold Corridor, which includes the 4 million ounce Hot Maden project located just 16km south of Salinbas.

In addition to its proven expertise in gold exploration, mine development and production, Ariana maintains a longer-term strategic interest in commodities with applications in the renewable-energy sector and has been successful in creating significant value through investments via its wholly-owned Australian subsidiary, Asgard Metals.

Where We Operate



Turkey represents a unique opportunity for gold exploration and production in Europe. Turkey lies within the globally significant Tethyan Metallogenic Belt, which hosts some of the world’s largest gold, copper and silver deposits. The country is Europe’s major gold producer, with 15 operating gold mines established within the past 17 years.

We are advancing our strategy on other mineral project opportunities in Turkey and its surrounding region and globally through Asgard Metals.
tonnes in 2019
including Kiziltepe

Strategy & Business Model


Industry Leading Performance Metrics

Ariana has strived to implement metrics to measure our achievements against our strategic goals.

Through the use of innovative technologies and operating practices we have achieved the following industry leading metrics:

  • Gold Discovery Cost
  • Operational Cash Costs
  • Carbon Footprint


Our strategy is to achieve sustainable long-term growth of the Company through robust and cost-efficient gold exploration, development and production.

Our superior utilisation of technologies has allowed us to identify, advance and develop projects rapidly, at a discovery cost less than half that of our peers.

We will achieve our strategy by:

  • Focusing on the discovery of sizeable mineral systems
  • Building positive long-term relationships with local government, communities and key stakeholders
  • Developing a strong team with excellent commercial, technical and financial skills
  • Forming robust business partnerships for the development and construction of gold projects
  • Executing selective, high-impact exploration programmes and joint venture opportunities
  • Ensuring safe operating procedures and minimising environmental impact

Delivering On Our Strategic Vision



Exploration & Development

  • Maintains a high standard of technical best-practice in its exploration and development activities and adheres to international standards where applicable
  • Embraces a socially responsible and beneficial approach to health and safety, the environment and community support in its areas of operation
  • Recognises the importance of its pipeline of exploration projects in Turkey and the region
  • Substantially increase our global resources
  • Enhancing the economic fundamentals and mine life at the Kiziltepe Mine and wider Red Rabbit Gold Project employees and the need to attract and continue to challenge its exceptionally talented people
  • Is committed to best-practice in socially responsible exploration and in the development of mineral resources, to the benefit of the local communities, wherever they may occur

Gold / Silver Production

  • Delivery of production efficiency
  • Robust future pipeline of additional resource ounces to maximise strong financial returns over the life of mine at Kiziltepe Mine and wider Red Rabbit Gold Project

Joint Ventures / Investments

  • Diversification through joint venture project development and investments (Venus Minerals)
  • Value crystallisation through asset sales in technology-metals

Financial Highlights (2019)

  • Profit before tax of £6.9 million
  • Total net assets of £25.3 million