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Karakavak is located along the Sindirgi Gold Corridor, which contains the Kiziltepe Sector of Ariana’s Red Rabbit Gold Project. Karakavak is located 27km by road from Kiziltepe and represents a high-priority resource development area. Detailed planning for drilling in this prospect area has been completed. Drilling is targeted to commence during the construction phase of the Kiziltepe Mine. Many of the targets identified are located in areas outside of forestry and can be drill-tested without delay.


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The Karakavak area contains predominantly andesite flows and volcanoclastic and coarse agglomerates.

Local banded quartz versus iron-oxide veins at Karakavak demonstrate the action of several fluid pulses. At Karakavak, the main vein is localised within a major extensional fault. Banding within the vein alternates between clean and iron-oxide stained quartz, which in fresh exposures contains fine pyrite with opal-chalcedony. Gold grades are on average 2-3 g/t along the main vein and both arsenic (As) and manganese (Mn) are anomalous.

The Karakavak veins comprise low temperature quartz deposited from meteoric-dominant waters. Auriferous pyrite deposited from the magmatic fluid component hosts low grade gold mineralisation of a low sulphidation epithermal quartz-sulphide Au + Cu style of mineralisation.

Rhyolite domes display locally intense silica-pyrite-illite alteration. The magmatic fluids responsible for this alteration have migrated into the adjacent permeable volcanic breccias resulting in clay alteration.


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  • 2014

    Ground magnetic survey, Soil sampling program for XRF analysis.
  • 2011

    IP/Resistivity survey.
  • Pre-2011

    Rock-chip sampling and geological mapping.