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Regional Exploration


Despite the surge in interest in Turkish gold deposits over the last 10 years, Turkey still remains highly prospective with the potential for undiscovered multi-million ounce gold deposits.

Exploration Strategy

The Ariana team are aware of the high exploration potential of western Turkey and as a result have developed a twofold exploration strategy with the following aims:

  1. To discover satellite resources with the potential to feed the Red Rabbit processing plant.
  2. To expand the regional search in the pursuit of the next multi-million ounce deposit.

Multi-million ounce discovery

In 2013 Ariana announced its non-exclusive access to Newmont Mining Corp’s extensive exploration database.  Valued at approximately US$20 million the database is an important tool in the expansion exploration activities within prospective and underexplored regions of Turkey.  The primary focus for this database will be on the exploration for additional gold deposits in the region of the Red Rabbit project that potentially lie within trucking distance of the planned Kiziltepe plant.

Ariana’s own advanced exploration techniques puts the Company in an unrivalled position to discover, acquire and develop new prospects in the region. Ariana is also utilising its in-house database built from geochemical datasets (e.g. BLEG sampling), regional geological mapping, remote-sensing, hydrothermal alteration, structure, gravity and aeromagnetic data.